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Advertising in today’s world is much different than it was even a few years ago. We went from a world of AM and FM radio, to a world which includes unlimited satellite and iPod options. There used to be only a handful of TV stations, but today we have lots of cable choices. Even if you did find the most efficient marketing demographic, you still have to compete with commercial eliminating digital recorders. 

Newspapers are being read less and less. Magazines don't work well in a local market. Outdoor Billboards are often very expensive and are usually not exactly where you want them. Internet marketing is distracting and does not keep your message local. Skywriting hasn't become efficient yet, So what do you do? 

BSI Mobile Media  may be your advertising solution. We feature powerful backlit mobile billboards that put your message right where you want it. Everybody looks at our billboard trucks. They can't be missed! There will be no more wasted time or advertising dollars. Your advertising will get noticed and your campaign will get great results.


Please take a look at some of the things that we do 

There are over a hundred pictures to look at

Our billboards are backlit with 3000 watts of brightness

Look awesome in the sunshine and even better at night

Target the people that are most likely to buy from you

The size of our signs is about 10' tall, 20' wide and 2.5' thick

The total vehicle height is over 13 feet tall

You will command attention from all angles

Our quality can be compared to a big screen TV 

Put your advertising where the people are

Get your message across and look good doing it

You're guaranteed to get noticed

You'll be dancing with joy when you see the results

We cater to Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs

Advertise daily and you will build valuable name recognition

Parade your message in the streets

People will look at your message

Look great in any temperature or weather condition

You can bank on it  

We do general advertising as well as special promotions

Imagine what we could do for you

Move over to a better way to advertise

Stand out above the crowd 

Be seen by millions of people 

Get better results than you ever thought possible

Get people talking about your message

You can target any neighborhood or part of the country

Try the new and refreshing way to drive sales

We work hard to build your trust

We are very proud of our product and service

Get the BIG Image that you deserve

Our trucks run every day end every night including weekends

We offer high volume, fair prices, & consistent quality

We'll bend over backwards to make you happy

Advertise in a very big way 

Our prices are MUCH lower than the competition

Save money with our outstanding marketing value

Crazy "LOW" prices + High volume = Great value

It's advertising that's as good as gold 

Become the king of your industry

Take your message directly to the streets

The people outside are socializing and spending money

Get them talking about your message

We are experienced in the ART of advertising

You're looking at the best backlit mobile billboards

Put your message where people will read it

We are voted to be the best way to target your market

Get the most from every advertising dollar

Nobody reaches the "Hot" Spots like we do


Efficiently advertise to the Restaurant and Shopping districts

Generate impulse sales from people that are out consuming

Create an outstanding image in the process

Become one of the many companies that use us every week


It's easy to start / We handle everything 

We're a family owned business that cares about its customers

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and nicely located

Our trucks are washed with warm water before every shift

We offer higher quality, better service, and bigger results!

Please call us right now / Our office is open 16 hours per day

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BSI Mobile Media is a service provided by Braem Services, Inc. (BSI)